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Contract Administrator

About Wright Construction Group

Wright Construction is a 75-year-old General Contractor/ Construction Management company located in Fort Myers, Florida.  With active Divisions performing both building and civil construction, the Company enjoys the benefit of many long-term employees who continually provide excellence to our clients.

Seeking a Qualified Individual for the Position of Contract Administrator

Job Description

The Contract Administrator’s specific scope of duties is organized under the four main roles associated with the position.  Each of the overall roles, and therefore all of the specific duties, are intended to ensure the proper preparation and execution of project subcontracts as well as proper record keeping and status of subcontracts and their related documentation.  The lists are not intended to be a complete job description but are instead listed to give a more thorough understanding of the specific responsibilities related to the position.  The Contract Administrator will typically be the primary preparer of the work product related to their role.

Oversight of Contract Preparation and Follow-up

  • Primary responsibility for the preparation of all project subcontracts, purchase orders, and related exhibits and attachments.
  • Primary responsibility for the initial internal approval of all project subcontracts and exhibits by both the Project Manager and the Division Vice President.
  • Primary responsibility for contract status within the accounting and project management system.
  • Primary responsibility for vendor follow-up with the subcontractor on the timely return of the subcontract as well as the related adequate proof of adequate vendor licensing and insurance.
  • Primary responsibility for presenting signed contracts exhibits, and satisfactory insurance and licenses to project manager and vice president for approval.

Oversight of Contract Status and Maintenance

  • Primary responsibility for obtaining updated insurance certificates on all expired subcontractor insurance.
  • Primary responsibility for the initial input of all pending subcontract change orders in the accounting system.
  • Primary responsibility for updating the status of all change orders in the accounting system.

Oversight of the Original Documents and Construction Management Software System

  • Primary responsibility for the data input in our construction management software system.
  • Primary responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of original documents and maintaining the insurance and license files.
  • Primary responsibility for the upkeep and maintenance of the construction management software directory.

Assistance with Accounting Elements of Subcontracts

  • Perform an initial review of subcontract pay applications to determine agreement with the subcontract amount, change orders and the associated prior month pay application.
  • Maintenance and reconciliation of all Direct Material Purchase Order logs.
  • Assist in the final reconciliation of all subcontracts along with the initial approval of retainage payment requests.

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