FGCU Alico Arena

Improvements were needed at the 15-year-old facility to elevate FGCU to the standards of other Division 1 programs. The new construction includes an 11,000 SF addition to the existing arena for the new academic center and expanded sports medicine area. The academic center provides individual tutoring rooms, offices for academic staff, banks of seats for computer stations and an open study area with an elevated ceiling and curved window wall. The expanded sports medicine area is almost five times its previous size and includes two in-ground hydrotherapy tubs, exam and treatment rooms, offices, and meeting spaces for student athletes and staff.

The second floor of the project contains expansive offices and meeting rooms for the men’s and women’s basketball coaches on opposite corners of the new third floor basketball wing, both overlooking Swanson Stadium. Besides individual offices for the assistant coaches, the new wing also contains a 24-seat, state of- the-art, theater-style film room.