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IAs a Prime Contractor, we can serve clients who need a general contractor that also has the ability to self-perform critical tasks relating to the project while subcontracting some of the work to other firms. Wright Construction is active in the hard-bid market and knows the real costs for relevant work. Hiring us as a prime contractor streamlines communication. Subcontractors report to us and we manage all elements of the work to ensure a successful project. We also control the schedule. When Wright is able to use our own crews and equipment, we also control the sequence of the work. No time is wasted waiting for subcontractors or equipment to become available. If a subcontractor is unable to complete the work or is falling behind the schedule, we can step in to assist or complete the work on time.

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Infrastructure is a major challenge in the 21st Century. We pride ourselves in staying on the cutting-edge of construction trends while excelling in providing our clients industry-leading construction management for roadway, bridge, marine, environmental, utility and rehabilitation/revitalization projects. Our civil division is well-trained in the latest technologies and industry-specific requirements while providing up-to-the-minute information from the field to anywhere in the world. Our value-added services include a top-notch staff supported by a long history with well-qualified contractors ready to handle challenges that arise during construction to keep your projects on time and under budget.

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Wright Construction Group has provided general contracting services since 1946. Our industry-specific staff members have built strong relationships with clients who require an experienced builder as well as one that has the knowledge and ability to complete complex building projects. As a general contractor, we coordinate the material, labor, equipment and services that are required on the project. Our experience with local engineers, subcontractors and governmental officials makes us the best choice in Southwest Florida. We provide our clients with competitive pricing and then deliver the project through a basic lump-sum contract. Our team may undertake various portions of the work ourselves to accelerate the schedule or reduce costs. It could be a larger portion of the project, or any portion that helps clients realize a more timely, cost-effective outcome.

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There are distinct advantages to design-build services over the conventional system of engaging an engineer and general contractor. First and foremost, everybody is on the same team with the same goal: fulfill or exceed the client’s expectations. All design aspects fall under the control of the design-builder. This eliminates the burden for the client to coordinate between the contractor and the design team. The design-builder facilitates meetings between the design professional and the client to ensure that goals are clearly established and met, ensures that quality is maintained in every stage of the project and coordinates all issues post-construction.
Design-build firms are experts in their specific fields. Only qualified and licensed staff members, with industry specific formal training and experience, are selected for the team from the start. They have professional experience and understand pricing, sequencing and how projects go together.

Total Accountability
As a team committed to all phases of the project, we are one entity accountable for everything – not only for the completion of a beautiful and functional project, but also for costs and the timeline of completion. Costs and scheduling are addressed from the beginning in the design phase. The same group that designs the project also builds the project.

A design-build firm is involved from start to finish, adding inherent efficiency. Any chance for things to fall through the cracks is greatly diminished. It serves as a guide for clients to make sure that design and construction aren’t chaotic or stressful. Design-build refines a system from beginning to end and manages the chaos into orderly steps.

Clients are guaranteed to get the outcome that they want because they are active members of the team.

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Over five decades, we’ve established a formula that provides detailed focus to every facet of construction. The construction manager works hand-in-hand with subcontractors and suppliers, overseeing their work and developing ways to add value, keep costs in check, and complete projects ahead of schedule. We also collaborate with the design professionals to ensure we fulfill their vision. Finally, we act as good stewards of our clients’ finances and turn over a completed project that provides a lower life-cycle cost resulting from the high level of quality achieved in construction.

The Process
1. The client selects the construction manager who works with the design team.
2. The construction manager provides a negotiated fixed fee for construction services.
3. The construction manager:

  • Provides budget confirmation and estimates
  • Performs value analysis
  • Reviews design for constructability
  • Develops schedule
  • Establishes an “open book” procurement
  • Leads site planning and phasing plans
  • Manages minority group participation and requirements
  • Ensures a pre-qualified workforce
  • Creates custom-made subcontractor bid packages for local participation
  • Solicits competitive bids from all trades
  • Evaluates subcontractor and supplier bid / awarding contracts

4. The construction manager is responsible for:

  • Cost control
  • Reporting process
  • Schedule control
  • Quality control
  • Site management
  • Renovation / phasing
  • Safety
  • Building systems commissioning

5. The construction manager controls post-construction activities.
6. The construction manager coordinates move-in scheduling:

  • Project closeout/warranties
  • As-builts
  • In-service training videos
  • Warranty follow-up

Cost Control
We appreciate the importance of adhering to a budget. In fact, we develop, monitor, and maintain project budgets as a team. Our documented plan review process also aids in controlling costs. If we can eliminate any conflicts in the drawings, then we can control the final cost of a project and deliver within the budget and the GMP.

Quality Control
We define quality control by a Zero (0) punch list. The design team and the client should never have to verify the quality of our work. When a project is finished in a high-quality fashion, the client can take occupancy and utilize their facility without having to wait on a contractor to make extensive corrections. With Wright quality construction, clients realize lower maintenance costs. Finishing a project without required corrections is a value to all of our clients.


The pre-construction phase is when the real value of construction management is realized. We’re dedicated to delivering results that are repeatable and predictable, supported by the processes we have placed and mandated on every project we deliver.

Options Analysis
Value Engineering, Life Cycle Cost Analysis, and Constructability Analysis are all elements of Options Analysis that we provide for our clients. Options Analysis can cover materials, time, cost, approach, site issues or constraints.

Design Review
This systematic review flushes out errors and omissions on the design documents through a series of check lists and overlays. On top of this, we utilize the services of our own staff assigned to the project to provide an additional check. If the Design Team cannot provide responses to all of the issues before bid day, Wright Construction assigns values to each of the issues to protect clients from future change requests. When we submit a Guaranteed Maximum Price, our clients can be confident the project will remain within the cost structure.

Budget Estimating
Estimates are typically recommended at the initial concept stage of the project, the schematic design phase, and again at the design development stage. We perform quantity estimates for major elements of the project such as the entire structure, interior partitions, ceilings, flooring and more. Then we consider historical data from projects of similar size and complexity. Finally, we consult subcontractors to verify the accuracy of our numbers for each of the major line items. If it comes out over budget, we modify the design for the biggest return with the least impact on the original intent of the building.

Value Engineering
The term value does not mean lowest cost; however, it reflects the best quality and outcome for any given cost. Value engineering involves:
• Meeting regularly with the design team
• Constructability and scheduling
• Durability and functionality
• Life cycle analysis
• Quality level vs. value offered and budget impact
• Reviewing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components with subcontractors
• Comparing components to previous projects

Constructability Analysis
A constructability analysis prepares for any complications that could arise on a project. We work step by step through every facet of the construction process, analyzing the details, weeding out RFIs and potential change orders, detecting value engineering opportunities, resolving waterproofing issues, identifying potential scope problems and streamlining coordination.

Mitch BueltelChief Financial Officer

As a Florida licensed CPA, Mitch brings decades of experience in the construction industry. He oversees all accounting functions and information technology.

G. Andy Powell Executive Vice President

Andy is responsible for the oversight of the company’s day-to-day operations, as he leads a team of highly skilled professionals in the Civil Division of Wright Construction. He has amassed close to 50 years of infrastructure, roadway, utility, and civil site experience in Southwest Florida.

Fred EdmanPresident

Fred brings more than just 33 years of construction experience to his leadership role. A man of faith, he leads by example and believes that it is important to maintain the company’s reputation for integrity it has earned serving clients for over seven decades. Additionally, he has developed processes that ensure clients receive the highest Quality and Cost Control.