FGCU Emergent Technologies

The Emergent Technologies Building is the new cutting-edge research and educational facility. The focus of ETI is on innovation and the advance of renewable energy for Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU). It was constructed off-campus within the Innovation Hub Research Park located in South Fort Myers.

Unique artwork and unusual architectural elements were incorporated into the construction of the building. This facility was constructed to blend educational opportunities with research programs as a means to partner with renewable energy industries, utility companies. An additional partnership was created with local and state government programs to develop technologies and provide a trained workforce for the next generation of clean energy production.

The 24,692 SF project contained five research laboratories, complete with fume hoods for graduate-level work in Bio-Engineering as well as Environmental and Renewable Energies/Solar Sciences. The facility houses two high bay laboratory classrooms/workshops and a machine shop for hands-on projects. Classrooms varied in size to provide flexible class sizes, including computer labs and two large auditoriums. Both seat up to 80 people.