FGCU Emergent Technologies

The Emergent Technologies building was built to be the new cutting edge research facility for FGCU constructed as the first project within the Innovation Hub Research Park in South Fort Myers.  The project contained five research laboratories complete with fume hoods for graduate level work in Bio-Engineering, Environmental, and Renewable Energies/Solar Sciences.  The facility also housed high bay workshops and a machine shop for hands on projects.  Classrooms varied in size to provide flexible class sizes including computer labs, up to two large auditoriums both seating up to 80 people.  FGCU will be conducting research in photovoltaic panels that were set up on the north end of the property with all data being collected in the Solar Research lab.  The project was very unique in its design and function and included storefronts at every research lab to allow for viewing from visiting k-12 students getting tours and education on the work being performed at the facility.  Expansive day-lighting as well