“I have found Wright Construction Group and their entire staff to be responsive to the City’s needs, requests and questions. I would certainly recommend Wright Construction to anyone and would not hesitate to use their services in the future.”
—Saeed Kazemi, Public Works Director

“The Fort Myers Riverfront Redevelopment Project was complete on time and under budget and without a single change order as a result of the vigilant management of Wright Construction.”
—Saeed Kazemi, Public Works Director

“It was earned and my pleasure to recommend Wright Construction Group. They were the construction company that tackled the project to build, Glades County Public Safety Complex, with a tight budget, State requirements for wind loads and flood plan added to the complexity”
—Bob Jones EMTP, Glades County Public Safety Director

“Over the past 26 years, the Wright Team has managed over $125M of improvements at Shell Point. They are a firm that takes pride in what they do, and they stand behind their work.”
—Robert Southern, Dir. of Project Development

“I was very impressed by the quality of construction and the attention to detail of the Wright Construction team. Wright provided a superior product, on time and under budget.”
—Charles Koons, P.E., Charlotte Co. Project Engineer

“They [Wright] have been supportive of every aspect of the college’s construction and maintenance programs.”
—Steve Nice, FSW State College

“They [Wright] took the opportunity to answer questions, explain the Who’s and How’s of new construction. Our staff has come to appreciate their professionalism and integrity.”
—Angela Lettiere, Ed. S. Principal, Big Cypress Elementary School