Green Meadows

Wright Construction provided Construction Management services for five miles of roadway, site infrastructure, and the operations building housing the plant operations offices, control room and the RO processing equipment. Wright Construction provided the infrastructure necessary for the installation of all electronics within the facility. The building contains a workshop providing plant staff with ample space to repair pumps, valves, and other equipment necessary to keep the plant functioning. A cutting edge monitoring lab was also constructed for staff to monitor the water quality of the plant’s output and the real time performance of all of the systems. The building was constructed to withstand hurricane winds to assure the ability of Lee County to provide drinking water after a storm event. This facility was
not only constructed to withstand 200 mph winds, it was designed with redundant systems to ensure continuous service throughout a disaster event and afterward as a recovery management center. This is a facility very rich in technology, offering state of the art systems for communication.