Caloosa Sound Convention Center

Wright Construction provided services to make a 73,000 SF renovation to the original Harborside Event Center facility. The project included extensive demolition of interior spaces, with the intention of adding a connection to the adjacent hotel. Addition upgrades were made to the facilities to create an upscale feel including the installation of all-new exterior windows, new upgraded lighting, and all new interior finishes. All exterior stucco was sounded with all delaminating stucco removed and replaced. New Chillers, pumps, and a new cooling tower were installed that also services the new hotel next door. The second floor was converted to administrative offices.
Wright Construction was hired specifically because of our experience with the facility and ability to deliver projects within a client’s budget. This project was substantially over budget with a different contract that could not bring the project to the right numbers. Our team spent an entire month walking through the project with subcontractors developing value engineering ideas and developing interest in the project. Not only did we meet the budget, but we also returned substantial savings at the end of the project as well.