Lehigh Fire Stations

Wright Construction is providing Design / Build Service for the Lehigh Fire Station # 101 Addition and Renovation. Renovation is 4,300 SF and the addition is 4,000 SF. Renovating the existing apparatus bay only.
The existing Fire Station 101 was damaged by Hurricane Irma. After evaluation, the apparatus bay was able to be saved with major improvements. Upgrades to the apparatus bay will include, but are not limited to, new overhead doors, floor elevation increase, new concrete drives and new exhaust louvers. The existing administration and living quarters (which is currently condemned) will be demolished with a new addition on the opposite side. This project will include exterior enhancements such as an elevated new front entry and stone veneer. The project will be phased as the firemen are currently working out a temporary mobile home until the new administration and living quarters are ready to be occupied. Once occupied, the balance of the site and landscape will be completed.